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co-development services
3d art outsourcing
gameplay Programming

About us

We are a game development studio composed of members with more than 5 years of experience in the field. LootForge was created in 2021 with the objective of seizing opportunities in the area, offering services of co-production and outsourcing of 3D art and gameplay programming.

In addition to collaborating with partner studios, we also develop original titles like Scarcity, a game that was initially in development by the extinct Exceedreams Entertainment. Scarcity was named by Global Top Round in 2019 as one of the 20 most promising projects in the world that year. The team, at the time composed of some members of LootForge, traveled to Busan, South Korea, to present the project to other studios and potential investors from around the world.

We always seek to forge our games with unique, fantastic and innovative experiences. Do you know that feeling of finding the rarest loot in your favorite game? It is this feeling that we want to bring to our users when they are playing our games!

What we do


Our experience can be a key resource to assist you with complex system implementations and optimizations. Count on us for a strong arm along with your team.


3D Art

We can help you with the complete production of your game art or create assets that are adapted to your current art style, in order to reinforce your team.



We have extensive knowledge to develop best practices for both singleplayer and multiplayer in Unreal and Unity environments. We think of clean and scalable codes, for your team to use safely and consistently.



Have an idea for the next GOTY? We can develop a simple and fast test environment for you to validate its viability with the target audience of your choice.



Need to bring your scene and characters to life? Our team develops rigging and 3D animation for games in professional capacity.


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